Rescue from Crisis

Rescue from Crisis-Immediate Response

Hurricane Matthew was a powerful devastating storm especially to those who live on the southern coast of Haiti. Part of our family lives in Les Cayes on the southern coast. Their family home that they have had for generations was set in a very lush, tropical setting with a thick and vibrant forest full of fruit trees, plantains, corn and many other types of crops. Their house was destroyed (see picture above) but what remains is the only structure visible as far as the eye can see. Everything else has been flattened.

A local pastor managed to get a call out before his phone lost charge and shared that city after city and village after village are completely gone. There are no animals, no livestock, no schools, churches, hospitals, homes… people have no place to go.

So many people have been asking about our family. Our home suffered damage and we will have to rebuild our walls quickly for security and replace solar panels but we are not in crisis. We had no injury and no loss of life (click on this link for more information) however, these people are in deep and desperate need of help. To give a gift to help Eyes Wide Open International help with the crisis caused by Hurricane Matthew click the link below.  There may be a slight delay as page loads.

Rescue from Crisis-Immediate Response – Give Here