Christmas 2018

3 ways to love a widow and orphan this Christmas

#1 Shop on Line at

This year shop to love on a widow or orphan. We have made it so easy for you by creating an  Amazon-Prime Wish List for Eyes Wide Open International. The purpose is to make it as easy as possible for you to give a gift for our children in Haiti, our adult family members, as well as provide things we need in our Haiti Home. In addition, we also provide Christmas gifts for many other children in need as well as widows. This year our kids will distribute these gifts themselves. 

This “Wish List” has toys, videos (that are both fun and educational) as well as practical gifts that are needed such as towels, sheet sets, pillows etc. 

We are frequently asked about our needs in Haiti and here in the United States. This list will make it so easy for people to help us with things we need now and year round. Simply shop our wish list (Click Here) and the items you ordered will be shipped directly to our corporate office and then make it’s way to Haiti in suitcases in time for Christmas or later in a shipping container.

This list may also prompt your thinking about things you have at home that are in excellent used condition that you may want to donate.  We currently have a growing office in Columbus, Ohio as well as a home in Haiti that houses 40 people and growing (2 kitchens, 5 bathrooms, 40 beds, and tons of indoor and outdoor living space). For information about how you can help in this way, please email us at







#2 Give- Your giving matters to us and it matters to the lives of those we serve.

Will you give a gift to help us continue to Rescue from Crisis, Relieve Suffering, Rebuild Lives and Restore Hope in the lives of widows and orphans?


#3 Give the most important gift and help us Rebuild the life of a child.

Click Here