Care 4 Kids Medical Needs

When you have a family our size, just simple trips to the dentist and routine doctor’s exams can be costly. When there are cavities, extractions, broken teeth, root canals, braces, any kind of fever, infection, or health concern the costs of evaluation and treatment can be astronomical. In addition, health care for our really large Haitian family is complicated due to our size, location, and lack of access to many different types of medical services.

If all of our kids were fully sponsored, we would be better positioned to handle the routine medical needs of our large family. However, when more serious medical needs arise we need to have the help of many to provide the best possible care for our family.

We have many kids that need routine medical care this summer and we have one specific child, Watson that has a serious medical condition that will require a surgery that cannot be done in Haiti and needs to be done before his growth plate closes.

All of our kids are special but Watson has a very unique place in all of our hearts. We need funds to cover medical expenses for our family this summer and to cover the expenses that it will take for Watson to travel to the US to have this very critical surgery.

If you want to help provide medical care for our Haitian family and be a very special part of helping Watson get urgent, life-giving medical surgery, give a gift by clicking donate below.