Big Dave Challenge

A Note from a Friend of Eyes Wide Open: PLEASE HELP US to honor Big Dave Bompart and meet

The Big Dave Challenge”…!

the-big-dave-challenge-big-dave-and-nicolleI couldn’t write this, not today…a loving and compassionate friend wrote it for me.
This is a tough day for me…

Dave Bompart was my best friend, my husband, my soul mate, and the co-founder of Eyes Wide Open.
Today would have been our 19th wedding anniversary – Nicolle Bompart.[divider]

Dave was a big guy, with a huge heart that was committed to Jesus. He had a giant love for family, friends and for the Haitian people, especially the children.

Dave was taken from us 4 years ago – killed because of our missions work in Haiti. He was an incredible man…
So on this, our 19th wedding anniversary, some friends of Eyes Wide Open have thrown down: [divider]

“The Big Dave Challenge” 

Here’s the challenge – if we get another 5 kids fully sponsored by tomorrow (Wed 10/19)
at 12 midnight, we will unlock a huge $5,000 bonus donation to EWOI.

That’s ON TOP OF the 3x match we’ve already been talking about for the past few days. 
A 3x match AND a huge $5,000 bonus… but we only have about 28 hours to do it. 5 more kids – that’s all we need.

big-dave-challengeIf you’ve been thinking about helping, or thinking about raising your contribution, now’s the time. Together we can do this!

Please help me to honor this good, Godly man who loved these kid so much… Nicolle Bompart

“The Big Dave Challenge”. Ends In:


PS – Please share our story, and ask your friends to friend me on Facebook and like the EWOI Facebook page. We need a lot more people to know our story and the work we’re doing in Haiti. There is a bonus gift for our family and all you have to do is share, like/follow and friend. Those simple clicks turn into cash for our Haitian family. 10,000 shares, likes/follows = $1,000 and 20,000 = $2,500 Bonus Gift till Sunday Oct 23, 2016[divider]the-big-dave-challenge-Facebook-Logo[divider]