Back To School 2018

Back 2 School 2018-2019

These are last years figures, we have not yet received all of the information regarding the 2018-2019 school year.

These figures are estimated based on last years numbers. As soon as we receive exact figures this page will be updated. Things are really different in Haiti, getting the kids ready for school launches a huge and seemingly impossible task list of the following:

A list of books needs to be gathered from each teacher for each of our kid’s grade levels (These lists do not come out in advance). Books have to be purchased by street vendors in Port-au-Prince. The closer we get to the date of school the more expensive the books will become. In addition, the publishers of the educational books print a limited amount each year, therefore, when they’re gone, they’re gone!

School Supplies- Most school supplies in Haiti are expensive and limited. We get the majority of our school supplies donated and then send them down to Haiti in suitcases. There is a complete list of needed school supplies in the photo below.

Uniforms-All of the children & teens need to be measured, the material has to be purchased and the tailor has to be paid to make the uniforms.

We also need to pay for the first month’s tuition (includes entrance & enrollment fees).


We are so excited to announce that all of the kids passed this year and will advance to the next grade level. We now have 33 amazing children that God has given us to love (our max for this house is 37). However, just like every other year, we cannot get them back to school without your help.
Last August, with the generosity and prayers of many, we were able to get all of the school supplies donated and it was enough for the entire school year. In addition, we raised the more than $14,000 needed in order for all 27 children to start school on time.
The following is the breakdown of educational expenses for our 32 beautiful Haitian children to get back to school this year. (Our youngest child is 2.5 and not yet ready for school)

  • $1,740  One-month tuition for 32 kids plus enrollment/registration fees ($52.72 per child)
  • $5,000  Estimated for books for 32 kids (the price of books gets more expensive and more difficult to find the closer it gets to the beginning of school)
  • $3,824  Uniforms (uniforms made by a Haitian tailor-2 per child, belts, bows & go-go’s, shoes & socks  – $119.50 per child)
  • $1,500  Material for uniforms
  • $1,500  Delivery of Backpacks & School supplies from the US
  • $13,564 Total

There is no time to send out an appeal or any kind or formal ask and we really need all but the tuition by August 26, 2018 so that we can have the books and uniforms in enough time for school to start. We know and we believe that nothing, absolutely nothing is impossible for our Daddy. Please consider helping us get our kids back to school and pray for us and for the kids that God will supply all that we need and very quickly!

School supplies and Backpacks(Heavy Duty) will continue to be discounted. If you want to give to help our kids with school supplies, the lists of needed supplies are in the photo below. We also need lunch boxes with wide mouth thermos for hot food and heavy-duty water bottles for each child. School supplies can be dropped off August 28 September 1, 8:00am-7pm at the EWOI Corporate offices, 5000 Arlington Centre Blvd., U.A., Ohio 43220. If you are not local and want to help, then Amazon or other online ordering would also be great.

If you want to give a financial gift to get our kids back to school? 2018-2019 School year CLICK HERE