A Kitchen for Christmas – the story of Love and Redemption

We love talking about our children because they are God’s most precious gift. It is equally important to tell you how God is working in the lives of the adults we serve at Eyes Wide Open International (EWOI).

This year, like many others, has not been easy. But in the midst of painful losses and great suffering, we have seen God’s hand and we have felt His presence deeply. Together, we touch so many lives with your help. This Christmas, I want to share with you a powerful story of love and redemption.

This is Marie-Lourde.

She grew up as a child slave. Denied schooling, she never learned to read or write. She was brutally abused. Despite her vulnerability, by the grace of God, she was rescued by a loving man. They got married and started a family. Then she lost everything when he died. As a homeless young widow with four children, she was desperate for work. When I found her, she was enslaved again, working in a very small, hot, enclosed space, cooking for 50 people a day with no help or income.

When I gained custody of our original 37 children, I brought Mari-Lourde and her two daughters with me. This was an answer to prayer! She since has blessed us with nourishing meals and a mother’s love. She has earned her way to making 3x the national average wage for a Haitian worker.

Through her faithful work, she is able to provide in ways that are changing the legacy of her family. Her daughter Cardine, graduated from high school this year, and her youngest daughter Lourdia is working towards the same goal. Marie-Lourde went from being homeless to building her own home. She is no longer seen as a slave but as a highly valued and deeply loved member of our family.

Her story is an example of so many who have suffered through childhood and adult slavery. We are grateful that it won’t end as it began. Marie-Lourde is dedicated. While many of her circumstances have changed, she still cooks in a very hot, small kitchen (only a 6’ x 6’ space). She and her assistant cook six days a week for more than 40 people.

This Christmas we would love to bring another level of restoration to Marie-Lourde’s life. Would you partner with us in raising $15,000 to build and outfit this new container kitchen?

In 2021, in addition to feeding our entire family, some neighbors, and many others beyond our home, we blessed those in the south of Haiti after they were again wrecked by a hurricane and tropical depression. We fed 51 families and sent more than 40,000 relief items. Just think of how mightily the Lord could work through our family if our on-site culinary resources were multiplied!

Your gifts help us relieve crisis and suffering. We share the love of Jesus and extend opportunities to rebuild and restore lives.

Will you help us continue in this great mission by giving a year-end gift to EWOI? Merry Christmas!

Nicolle Bompart Police
Executive Director
Eyes Wide Open International
5000 Arlington Centre Blvd.,
Columbus, Ohio 43220